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Health Information

 Due to concern regarding the spread of COVID-19 we are asking the following:

Please call the clinic (719)389-0070 prior to walking in if you're experiencing these symptoms:
Fever, Cough, Shortness of breath

And have had (within the past 14 days):
- Close contact with a COVID-19 patient or
- Recent travel to an area with ongoing community transmission of COVID-19 or
- Are at risk of severe illness due to age (greater than 65), chronic medical condition(s) and/or immunocompromised condition or
- Are a healthcare worker with new onset of symptoms after direct contact with patients with signs of respiratory illness or their specimens.

We are constantly striving to protect the health of our patients, community and staff and would appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

Thank you,

Internal Medicine & Aesthetics of the Rockies Staff

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Dr. Munni Selagamsetty

Jacquetta McFarland

RMA, Office Manager

Genna Janzen

Certified Laser Specialist

Our medical spa in Colorado Springs, CO, treats all aspects of your well-being, from primary care to skin care. 

Our board certified internist Dr. Selagamsetty, M.D., Office Manager Jacquetta, Certified Laser Specialist Genna, and dedicated staff look forward to providing you the best self-care.

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